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Track employee time and attendance, reduce overheads & costs, minimise risk and increase productivity.
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Manage your workforce from anywhere

ClocksApp is an innovative and complete HR solution which provides you with all the tools to clock in and access employee attendance data sheets from anywhere in the world, where there's an Internet connection.

Scheduling & Rostering

Create your weekly roster in minutes using our copy / paste button. Never go over budget with our accurate roster cost calculation. Publish to employees' smartphones or simply via e-mail.

Payroll & Timesheets

Easily extract employee clockin times from all your branches for any timeframe, manually add or adjust times and export timesheets to Xero, Excel or your favorite accounting system.

GPS Tracking

ClocksApp gives you the ability to track your reps who are on the move, record their checkin times and locations with the use of Google Maps and Street View, LIVE and in real-time.

ClocksApp now supports Push Notification and it's free! Download it now:

Posted by ClocksApp on Monday, September 18, 2017

Manage your workplace from any location

ClocksApp works on Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac and Desktop PC so it's easy to manage your workforce from any location.